Covid-19 Update

St. Mary's is now in Phase 3 of our re-opening protocols. The most significant change will be the resumption of Holy Eucharist (bread only). Please read the following guidelines before attending a service. We will continue to stream our services online for those who are not able to join us in person. They may be viewed at

1. General Guidelines

2. Specific Guidelines

A. Before the Service
B. At the Entrance (both in the church and in the hall)
C. During the service
D. After the Service
E. Washroom
F. Working Groups for Phase 3
1. Disinfecting and Sanitizing Group – to be facilitated by the women’s group.
2. Sides persons – volunteers are welcome. Please signify if you are willing.
3. Logbook Group – Keep the logbook secured. List of people in every Sunday has to be kept at least for 30 days. Each person should not same pen signing the log book.