Suspension of In-Person Worship and Parish Activities

An Important Message From Father Arvin

Hello everyone,

Again forwarding to you all this email from the Archbishop, directing us to suspend all meetings, classes, and Sunday gatherings for worship. (See links below.)

This would mean that we will not gather in the church until May 3, 2020. The celebration of St. Mary's foundation anniversary is also postponed.

Meanwhile, we will be using social media such as Facebook, messenger chat, emails, and phone to communicate messages and know the well being of each other in every Sunday.

However not all our members are into Facebook and messenger so we have to use our cellphones/telephone too. May I ask the hospitality committee members to expand their calls to all members. We request others to help and join the hospitality committee, please inform Arvin. *(Hospitality groups are the ones calling and reminding our members of the activities, and updating them about our weekly parish event.). *

At this moment in time that we do not meet at church, we know that we still need to support our church mission. We are then encouraged to apply for PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) to send our pledge or tithe or offerings/givings. Rachel Taylor at the diocesan can help us create our PAD account . *If you have questions about Pre-Authorized Donations, contact Rachel Taylor by email: or call 604.684.6306 ext 220.*

Please add other members to our parish chat group, and you can post to our FB page too.

We will try to establish other ways on how we still communicate with each other on Sundays/week. Ideas and suggestions are much welcome and appreciated.

With prayers,


Official Statement and Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Melissa Skelton:

COVID-19, Communique #6 from Archbishop Skelton

Pastoral Letter, 03-17-2020.pdf

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