News & Events

New Afternoon Service

We are pleased to announce another option for worship. Aside from our morning Eucharistic Service at 10 am on Sunday, we now offer a second Eucharistic Service held in the afternoon. Service time is at 4 pm.

Volunteers Needed

As we welcome 2022, we are in need of volunteers for the following ministries of the parish:
Communion Assistants – assisting at the altar with preparing communion during services.
Sides Person – to serve as greeters and ushers during services. Please contact Doreen or Arvin.
Counters – to count the Sunday donations and offerings, and bring it to the deposit box in the bank. Please. contact Doreen or Arvin.
Choir – all ages are welcome. Please contact Diana or Arvin or any of the choir members.
Altar Guild – to prepare and fix the altar before and after the service. Please contact Florence or Arvin.
Pastoral Care Team – to visit and give communion to our members who are sick or not able to come to the church services. Please contact Joanne or Arvin.
Hospitality or Callers – to call our members who are not able to come to church and update them on what is happening. Please contact Fay or Arvin.
Please volunteer where you feel called to help and assist. If you think you can volunteer in other ways aside from what was listed here, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the upsurge in infections of the Omicron variant our capacity will once again be limited to 50%. To stay informed on all the details regarding Covid-19 and our parish please visit our Covid-19 Update page.